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First, I have to say, since posting the DSM-IV explanations and diagnoses, there has been the “TR-IV” and “DSM-V”. Does that mean that mental health has changed so much that we had to reinvent the wheel? Not really, but, there has been change in the field as far as labels that fit better for diagnostic uses……. Changes that are meant to allow one counselor to talk to another in a way that they both have a pretty good idea of what the signs and symptoms are and what might be done for the person. On the other hand, there is the ICD-10: Classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders: Clinical Descriptions and Diagnostic Guidelines 1st Edition……(which can be found online)  – several hundred pages of very specific diagnoses so that counselors/doctors can talk to one another as well as to THE INSURANCE COMPANIES.

So, given that the information of classification and diagnosis can be thoroughly researched online by interested parties, I will leave the original postings as they are and leave further discoveries to those who are interested.


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